10 November 2005

Breaking news - media full of shit! Public shocked.

I've tried putting a link up to the Spin Starts Here. If it works, and doesn't just kill the blog, I might put a few more links up.

I got into tssh through the magazine The Big Issue. Caz, who's site it is, was writing some good articles about spin in the mag, so I checked out her site and through it discovered the world of blogs.

Bloody spin gives me the shits. I'm not a journo, and I wouldn't be one. (although I'd love to have my own column... being the day-dreaming git I am). I'm not a good enough writer to be a writer. If you know what I mean. I did an intensive media writing course when I left high school, and the only thing I got out of it was the ability to look critically at spin. Now i read our local crappy rag for entertainment - I laugh my head off at the idiots who write for it, and laugh even harder at the idiots who believe it.

It does amaze me sometimes. It's so obvious to me when the media uses inflammetory language, and says thing in such a way to get a certain result. And it works! Every bloody time! Is the whole country full of idiots? (Don't bother answering that.) Or is it just that the idiots write in to the editor, while the people who see through it just snigger and don't bother?

And what I really hate is when they tell us how we feel. "Whole country rocked by embassy bombings" really? No one I knew was rocked. "Whole country outraged over Schapelle's sentance" Really? Slightly amused if anything at all I would say. "Whole country feels warm and fuzzy over Makebe Diva's win". Makebe who? Who gives a fuck about horse races? I don't even get the bloody public holiday, so what do I care?

Sometimes I think every one should have to take compulsory critical thinking and analizing subjects at school. As well as compulsory politics. But then we might have a nation who can think, and we might actually try to get involved...and we couldn't have that now, could we Little Johnny?

OK, that's my rant over for the day. Stay tuned for something completely different - when I discover how to make paragraphs on this thing!

Ps but I couldn't help snigger at this one in the paper the other day. "Man accused of making explosives has charges dropped."
Charges dropped? Hahaha. Snigger. Not good at making explosives then...

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