30 November 2005

Good on ya, mate. No worries.

When the heart weeps for what it has lost
The spirit laughs for what it has found.

I've got a sackful of shitty share-house stories. But now's not the time to tell them. Instead, I'm thinking of a good one.

I've been living in a kind of revolving sharehouse for a while. People come and go; travellers, exchange students occasional Aussies like me.It's been multi-cultural soup.

One of the girls who came to live here has become my friend. That's a big thing for me; it's rare that I make a new female friend. And to top it off, she's the best house mate I've ever had.

I wanted to rip the lid off my culture and offer it to her on a plate. So many movies for her to see, so many books to read, so much music to hear, so many places to go. Instead, we spent ridiculous amounts of time talking. There was never going to be enough time for her to experience everything, although she has seen and understood an awful lot.

She comforted me when I was missing my boyfriend, offered wise words when I was confused, and partied with my friends. She made me laugh, and made me think with her questions and observations. We talked of ourselves, and our countries, and human nature everywhere. She gave me a window into her culture and language that made it more real to me, and made me determined to visit her there some day.

Now she's leaving. Tomorrow she flies back to her country, and who knows when I'll see her again. It's hard to look at someone and really understand that although they have been in your life every day, you won't see them again for years, if ever. We will keep in touch, of course. But it's not quite the same as being there...

So I wanted to say thankyou, for being in my life for this short time. I'll miss you a lot, but I'm glad you were here.


Anonymous said...

It's so much fun making new friends as an adult, isn't it. Teh really good ones I mean. I guess I thought I had enough friends already, from childhood, and was surprised to make more as an adult.

Maegen said...

Sometimes we have to let friendships pass away. You know the good ones when you can call that friend up after a year of no contact and the connection is still there. Thank God for those, since I'm horrible at keeping in touch!