26 November 2005

How old is old?

The other day I asked a woman how old she was. She looked taken aback, then mumbled something about being "too old to tell".

Turned out she's in her mid thirties.

I really don't understand why women are ashamed of their age.

Occasionally, I still get asked for ID. When I flash it and it shows I was born in the seventies, they giggle and say, "you should be flattered".

Why? Why would I be flattered by someone thinking I'm seventeen?

Don't get me wrong, I loved being a teen. I had a great time. But since then I've learnt so much, experienced so much. My life is much richer that it would be if I was still seventeen. I have better sex, more intimate relationships. I'm comfortable with my body. I'm at peace with my contradictions; when I was a teen I fought against them. I understand myself much better, and understand those around me. I'm sure as hell happier now than I was as a teen. And I feel good about growing older, and learning more. I wouldn't want to deny my experience by pretending to be younger.

Someone told Gloria Steinam when she turned sixty that she didn't look sixty.
She replied, "This is what sixty looks like".

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Shay said...

I hate how it's somehow unacceptable for women to age - that really frustrates me.

I'm with you, about being mistaken for someone younger. It pisses me off when people think I'm an undergrad (no offence to any undergrads).