14 November 2005

my life rated - explained

I saw that rate my life thing on a few blogs, and again last night on Desci's and Hambo's, so I thought I'd do it.

You think your score was good Desci? Check this out!

I was asked to provide some words of wisdom because my spirit score was "Much higher than average" and they want to know how I do it so people with a low score can get some tips.
My secret? Think, you damn fools. Think for yourself. Work it out. I don't have the bloody answers, I just don't follow a belief system that tries to make me feel shit about myself.

It's a deceptive score anyway. I scored high for love, and yes I do have someone to love, but he's NOT BLOODY HERE. He's been travelling overseas for a couple of months. So right now, I'm as alone as those who are single.

What I want is to do the test again, on a day where I feel like shit. See how much difference there is. It will be interesting to see. Basically my score is high not because my life is perfect but because I'm really happy anyway, and content with what I have. Some days though, those bars will be all red.

1 comment:

Desci said...

*Look disbelievingly at the life graph*

Oh, FUCK you.