12 November 2005

We passed upon the stair...

The markets were full tonight. I cursed myself for not getting there earlier as I fought my way through the crowd. And then I realised I was staring into a face I knew...

"It's you!"
"It's you!"
"Wow. You. So... how have you been?"
"Good! Great! Oh look what I'm wearing - the bangle you gave me, six years ago..."

It had been six years since I saw her. And in that moment all those memories flashed into my head. The talks, the parties, the friendship... the shy glances, the massages that turned to soft stroking as she pushed my hair back and kissed my neck so gently...
Then we drifted, caught up in our own lives. She went overseas for a few years. And now here she was, still the same. Yet not the same.

So many questions. So much catching up to do.

"You must come over sometime. You know where I am. Drop in anytime."
"Sure, of course. Of course I will."

But I knew I wouldn't.

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RJ said...

Go on... you know you wanna :)