15 November 2005

What is this thing called blogging?

Well, I seem to have sorted out the paragraphs.

One thing that bothers me about blogging is that I'm not sure what to write. Funny, that. I'm sure every blogger has that problem at some point.

I tailor my communication to suit the person I'm talking to. I talk about certain things, in a certain way, with certain people. I'm a communication chameleon.
I could be deep and say it's because I talk to people on their 'level', but the truth is probably that I just want everyone to like me.
But here I don't know who my audience is. Anyone is free to read this and make up their own minds. That lack of control over who reads it is what makes me hesitant to write.
It's much easier just commenting on other people's blogs. Each blog has its own style, its own personality, its own flavour. I comment about certain things on certain blogs. But what is the flavour of my blog going to be? Sexual? Political? Intellectual? Personal? Whiny? Witty? Boring?

Knowing me, it will be a bit of everything.

So this is where I face my own blocks, and say freely the things I don't say. And damn the results.
So many people say so much these days that personal revelations rarely shock anyone anymore. Everyone is letting it all hang out. It's only a trauma for the person writing it, who feels they have ripped their guts out for everyone to see.
Stay tuned for some more ranting. I'll post about things I feel strongly about, things that give me the shits and things I'm thinking.

Let's see how close to the truth I can get.

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