29 January 2006


Email posts fuck up my template. Does that happen to anyone else?

28 January 2006


Well people, we're now in the middle of 'sparodic blogging time'. There's loads happening here, and I'm not going to to be getting to a keyboard much.
We're moving a few thousand k's away. Packing and saying goodbye are pretty hard. I've been so tempted to throw some spare undies and a toothbrush into a bag and hop on the bus in the middle of the night without telling anyone. But who wants to stay on a bus for three days? Even I pale.
It's both exciting and terrifying. I'm moving with the man I love, but I'm still nervous because I haven't moved that far before, because my hometown will no longer be my hometown, because I'll miss my friends.
The closer we come to leaving, the more my nervousness fades and the excitement takes over. I'll try to stay in touch. Normal blogging will resume shortly.

23 January 2006

Hidden talent

Your Hidden Talent

You are a great communicator. You have a real way with words.
You're never at a loss to explain what you mean or how you feel.
People find it easy to empathize with you, no matter what your situation.
When you're up, you make everyone happy. But when you're down, everyone suffers.

21 January 2006

posting delay

Keyboard is fucked so bad.

can't post. sorry.

Back soon i hope.

this is really getting up my arse.

15 January 2006

A glimpse


Do you know what this is?

That's right, it's my first picture post!

These cute creatures run races up and down our roof all night. And they're so loud! Sometimes it sounds like rolling thunder and sometimes it just sounds like people running the hundred metre dash on the roof. Yes, it's a long roof.

Like a bad blogger, I'm using this photo without permission. It was taken by my recently departed housemate, who doesn't know I have a blog (though if she stumbles on it, she'd guess even without the picture). She took it only a couple of months ago but of course didn't set the date function on the camera.

I'm moving soon. I'm going to miss the possums. Even though they eat all the peaches off our tree before they're ripe.

12 January 2006

The meeting

Ok ok! I'll write about the meeting with my mother.

Really though, there's not much to tell. I took him over to her house, she cooked us dinner, and we all chatted. My mum is shy and nice and conservative, not much like me. I think she likes him, but I haven't really had a chance to ask her. I buttered her up for months telling her how wonderful he is.

I think he was a bit nervous because I was nervous. It's funny, there wasn't really anything to be nervous about. We were on our best behaviour. Of course you never mention things to your mother like "sorry, we're a bit seedy from taking drugs last night" or "he's a great man, he fucks like a demon and goes down on me every day!" No, I just told her what he does for a living, and how committed he is to me, and dangled the possibility of future grandchildren in the air.

It's encouraging. I think I'll have to organise another meeting.

Why is meeting the parents such a big deal? Partly because they reveal too much about ourselves. Partly because we still seek their approval.

My dad never worried about whether he approved of my boyfriends. He always said, "Well I don't have to root him, so it doesn't matter what I think. What do you think of him?"

I'd love to hear any other parent meeting stories.

*****Hey, of course the email post turns up after I've cut/pasted it!
Here's the other line I put in later.********

The first time dad met Current boy he said, "Hi, I've heard about you. She says you're a complete wanker." Luckily I'd mentioned my dad's sense of humour, so it didn't go down too badly.

11 January 2006


Just tried posting via email.
It hasn't showed up anywhere!
Where are you email post?

8 January 2006

Blogs and the bloggers who blog them

Awww, it's not true that I don't care if people read the blog. Really.

Like every other new blogger I'm sure, I get all excited when I get comments. I feel really touched when I find that someone's added me to their link list. It makes me feel good to have a dialogue with other bloggers. That's why I'm here in blogsphere.

I look at my site counter and wonder, who are you? I've had someone from the United Arab Emirites drop in. English, Finnish, French, Indian, a couple of Bulgarians (hey, I know you're Americans in disguise!) Malaysian, Scottish, German, South African, Swedish, Belgian, Dutch, loads from the usa and a few from Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and of course the occasional Aussie. And more that I can't remember.

Who are you all? I think I've matched up a few bloggers and worked out what city they live in. But that tells me nothing really.

I wonder when I read blogs, who is real and who is false. I read your blogs and wonder what accent you have. I still think in an Australian accent when I read, and it's hard for me to think in an American accent when I read American blogs. I'm sure the voice in your head when you read mine makes my accent like yours too. Do we hear each other more clearly without the accent creating a veil of assumptions?

Like anything in the world, the internet can be used in harmful ways. But the blogsphere I've stumbled into is full of support, encouragement and a kind of caring affection. There really is a kind of community on the web, and its interactions fascinate me as much as the interactions of any other group of people.

Why is there so much positive connection on the web? I think it's partly because we only interact as much as we choose to, and there is no commitment. You can say really nice things to people and they won't expect to come round to your house and be your friend.

And I think that many people are blogging to say what thet feel they can't say or have no avenue to say in their lives. And we all have those secret things inside us, which are easier to say anonymously.

I'm sure some people invent characters on the web. I don't really care. The interactions are still thought provoking just like any fiction can be. Some people I'm sure are being genuine about who they are. If I'm wrong, then I applaude your writing skills.

The internet is another avenue to connect with each other and understand each other better. I feel awed that people all over the world can read what I write, and that I get feedback. I'm glad I can reach out to people from all over the world and touch them through their blogs. I'm still full of wonder for this medium, so new to me.

I am particularly in awe of Iranian bloggers. Apparently nearly a quarter of all blogs are written by Iranians. Or some such crazy amount. Iranians have almost no avenue either culturally or politically to speak their minds. They are forced to keep their thoughts inside by the law and the society around them. But like all of us, they have secret thoughts they long to say, therefore the blogging explosion. They have support in the blog world, as the government is not really happy about Iranians blogging. Their support outside Iran helps keep their only avenue of free speech alive.

If you only ever check out one link from my link list, please please let it be Iranian Girl. She speaks for herself.

7 January 2006

Still here

I've been away for a couple of weeks, and like a bad blogger didn't warn my readers. Now, I've noticed other bloggers get a bit worried when they go away that their readers will abandon them. Well, sorry guys, but I'm not like that. If you read, great. If you don't, great. I don't really care.

I've much to say, though. I was thinking of posts the whole time I was gone. But now, having just returned, I don't have the energy yet to get back into it. So the extended posts will have to wait a bit longer.

I tried to catch up with the other blogs I read, but you're all so prolific that it just boggled my mind. After going bush for so long I'm freaking out at the big walls of the house, and the computer seems so technical! I have never appreciated a warm shower so much though. And conditioner.

When I get my head straight I'll write something about the trip. And maybe try my hand at posting pictures.

I hope all you bloggers and blog readers have had a great fortnight. Hope you northerners are keeping warm and you southerners are keeping cool.