15 January 2006

A glimpse


Do you know what this is?

That's right, it's my first picture post!

These cute creatures run races up and down our roof all night. And they're so loud! Sometimes it sounds like rolling thunder and sometimes it just sounds like people running the hundred metre dash on the roof. Yes, it's a long roof.

Like a bad blogger, I'm using this photo without permission. It was taken by my recently departed housemate, who doesn't know I have a blog (though if she stumbles on it, she'd guess even without the picture). She took it only a couple of months ago but of course didn't set the date function on the camera.

I'm moving soon. I'm going to miss the possums. Even though they eat all the peaches off our tree before they're ripe.

1 comment:

Desireous said...

They are kind of cute! I have squirrls and raccoons wrecking havoc in my neigborhood and oh in the warm months I have the black bears!