28 January 2006


Well people, we're now in the middle of 'sparodic blogging time'. There's loads happening here, and I'm not going to to be getting to a keyboard much.
We're moving a few thousand k's away. Packing and saying goodbye are pretty hard. I've been so tempted to throw some spare undies and a toothbrush into a bag and hop on the bus in the middle of the night without telling anyone. But who wants to stay on a bus for three days? Even I pale.
It's both exciting and terrifying. I'm moving with the man I love, but I'm still nervous because I haven't moved that far before, because my hometown will no longer be my hometown, because I'll miss my friends.
The closer we come to leaving, the more my nervousness fades and the excitement takes over. I'll try to stay in touch. Normal blogging will resume shortly.

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Maegen said...

Darlin, your hometown is always your hometown. No one, no move, and no amount of time can take that away from you. Thank God for that.