12 January 2006

The meeting

Ok ok! I'll write about the meeting with my mother.

Really though, there's not much to tell. I took him over to her house, she cooked us dinner, and we all chatted. My mum is shy and nice and conservative, not much like me. I think she likes him, but I haven't really had a chance to ask her. I buttered her up for months telling her how wonderful he is.

I think he was a bit nervous because I was nervous. It's funny, there wasn't really anything to be nervous about. We were on our best behaviour. Of course you never mention things to your mother like "sorry, we're a bit seedy from taking drugs last night" or "he's a great man, he fucks like a demon and goes down on me every day!" No, I just told her what he does for a living, and how committed he is to me, and dangled the possibility of future grandchildren in the air.

It's encouraging. I think I'll have to organise another meeting.

Why is meeting the parents such a big deal? Partly because they reveal too much about ourselves. Partly because we still seek their approval.

My dad never worried about whether he approved of my boyfriends. He always said, "Well I don't have to root him, so it doesn't matter what I think. What do you think of him?"

I'd love to hear any other parent meeting stories.

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The first time dad met Current boy he said, "Hi, I've heard about you. She says you're a complete wanker." Luckily I'd mentioned my dad's sense of humour, so it didn't go down too badly.


Anonymous said...

I took a new boyfriend to meet my mom b/c we were going to watch a softball game and she was there. He told her that he was in Grad school and she looked at him and said, "So do you have a real job or are you JUST a student?" I was so embarassed. Why did she have to say that. Luckily the guy was quick on his feet and made a joke, then told her what his "real" job was.


Desci said...

Funzo's parents were mormon. I couldn't say 'oh my god' in front of them, let alone 'cunty cunty fuckstick'.

Also, your dad sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

That's a hilarious story about your dad.

Let's see, I can't even remember the first time my parents met my husband. Must have gone pretty well. The first time I met his parents, his dad cooked us this great meal. I was impressed. Nothing too excitng there, sorry.

Maegen said...

The first time my mom met my ex, we watched "The Princess Diaries".. me, the bf, my mom, and my then 14 year old sister. He loved it. I think that's when my mom decided he was immature...