21 February 2006

The downside

Well, there is a downside to fucking five times a day.

No, really. There is.

It's the dreaded Urinary Tract Infection.

I swear, everytime I'm having good, regular sex I get a UTI. And I do all
the right things - I pee after sex, drink cranberry juice, wipe front to
back... I get partner to touch me a certain way to minimise the rub, but to
no avail.

Last year it hit me so bad it went to my bladder and then to my kidneys. I
was on antibiotics for months, which of course brings thrush...
But the worst of it is the fear. The urge, which strikes so fiercely and
so...urgently. MUST. GO. NOW!

I didn't want to go to the movies, in case I had to dash out. I didn't want
to go anywhere unless there was a toilet near. I didn't want to catch the
bus, god forbid an express one. I didn't want to drive. If I hit a freeway,
I'd panic. If there were roadworks, I'd be fucked. I became a hermit. I
didn't want to go anywhere, because the getting there was too stressful.
You never realise how nice it is not to think about going to the toilet all
the time until you have to go ALL THE TIME.

If I was of a certain religious bent I'd say it's punishment for enjoying
myself so much. I'm not, so I just say it's a pain in the - well, belly.

So if you see a girl on the bus, staring wild eyed into the middle distance
and wriggling in her seat, leaning forward as if to will the bus to go
faster... it's probably me.

8 February 2006

Oops, no title

Well, we're here! Partner drove 3000 ks in 48 hours, we just wanted to get here! And now here we are. Oh God, the joy I felt when we came through the hills. It's green! Blessed, beautiful green. I'd been warned it was a brown wasteland, no tropical rain, but we got here at just the right time.The weather's fine, the people are friendly, the mosquitos are evil. We actually got chased off a mountain yesterday by the most ferocious mozzies I have ever seen. Yes, chased. Bitches!
Some of our stress has gone now we are here. We've been exploring the town and fucking like rabbits. Oh, what a life. Until we get a house it's like a holiday; sex five times a day and good food, bit of a swim in the pool and back to the air-conditioning again for some more sex. Mmmm.
It's been hard to get my head around the fact that we're not going back. I've never moved this far before. Partner has, lots, so he's really nonchalant about it. But I still feel a bit sad about leaving everyone behind. I won't be able to get back for a visit any time soon.
So, until I get our computer back on, I'm using public internet and don't feel comfortable checking the blog. Feel free to leave comments though; they come through my email so I still read them. Hope the blog's ok, if not I'll fix that damn template sooner or later. For now, we'll just have to put up with email posts and hope they work.