15 March 2006

I like your old town better than your new town

Finally, I'm back on the internet.
It takes a while to sort everything out when moving. The last thing to be sorted out is my head.

I used to think my place was a large town, not really a city. Now compared with the very small town I'm in, it seems I came from a bustling metropolis.
I'd been itching to get out of my town for years. But of course, now it's taken on some sort of rosy glow, and looks like paradise from afar.

There's three reasons for that. One is missing my family and friends, no suprise there. Two is missing my favourite shops, and the food back home (Maegen, there's no cinnamon flavoured things AT ALL up here!). I miss the local things from back home, the beer and chocolate, the markets. The third thing is just not being settled here - not knowing where to go for things, still feeling our way around town.

It's the dislocation producing the effect - the sense that I've left, but somehow not yet arrived. I'm seeing my old place in new ways, appreciating the things I always took for granted and all that shit. That's cool. What I haven't done yet is built up a mental map of this place, its people and its stories. Until I do that, I will feel that sense that I'm floating above it all, not engaging with the place at all.

Luckily, I like this town more than I thought I would. When we arrived I got a sense of the spirit of the place, and it felt welcoming. I feel good here - just isolated. We've been so busy we haven't gone out much. Just concentrated on each other, and on settling in.

And thanks to those loyal readers who kept checking in every few days! Glad you didn't forget about me. I'll definately post more often now I'm back on line.


Leela Lamore said...

Nice to see you back hon!

Maegen said...

yeah! glad you're back! I knew it was coming with the reappearance of the little Australian flag on my statcounter!

I'm also glad you're starting the settling in process. I've never had to relocate alone before. I moved with my family a couple times, but that was while I was in school -- a built in adjusting system. Then to university, again, includes it's own adjustment system. And of course, friggin Bulgaria. There's no possible way to adjust! It's strange and unpleasant to be in such a new place. A daunting challenge at the same time? All I know is I can "readjust" in less than 16 months.