9 April 2006

10 things...

Darkneuro did it. AAG did it. Leela
did it. now I'll do it.

-List ten things you want to say to people you know but know you never will, for whatever reason.
- Don't say who they are, use a person only once.

- I'm scared of you.

- If you're going to lie down and write 'doormat' on your face, don't bitch to me if people walk all over you.

- You can't teach for shit.

- I was falling in love with you. And I got scared. That's why I stopped being your friend. Sorry. I know it was dumb.

- Did you fight for the Nazis because you had to, or because you believed they were right?

- That thing you did to me was wrong, and it took me bloody years to get over it.

- I hate your false persona. I want the real you back. I miss you.

- You're a fucking awful parent.

- I would have got with you, if you hadn't lied and tried to manipulate me into it.

- How on earth do you wipe your arse?

(That last one I feel I must explain - the person in question had thalidomide arms - you know, about a quarter of the normal length.)


Leela Lamore said...

*smile* glad you enjoyed it ... great fun heh?

Glad to hear you have your tickle back.

Darkneuro said...

You linked me :) Thank you! Hi! Are you a Dear Reader? If you are, COOL. I like your list. Wasn't it cathartic?