17 April 2006


One year ago today, we kissed for the first time.

We'd got talking at a party. We talked and talked...and talked some more. Two days later we met up and talked some more. Four long days after that we met up again to talk some more...

I wanted him so bad. And I thought maybe he wanted me... but I wasn't sure. That night we wound up on his front porch, talking... at 3am I tentitavely suggested that if he was going to take me home he better do it now. He didn't move. Finally, two hours later, I couldn't bear it anymore. I grabbed his hand. He kissed me... and got a mouthful of long hair.

After I'd tucked my hair behind my ears, we kissed some more. At some point, surfacing for air, I suggested we take things inside.

Four hours after that I had to rush off to go to my friend's funeral. It felt kind of dirty to be that happy at a funeral.

Things moved fast after that. Within two weeks we'd declared our love for each other. Four weeks after that he asked me to move away with him. Of course I said yes.

Exactly two months ago today we signed the lease on our new house.

It was all very fast. But at the time I was sure he was the one... and I'm still sure now. Sometimes you just know these things.

Happy anniversary, loverboy.

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Leela Lamore said...

Oh yes sometimes you just know ... same here!