3 April 2006

Side affects of stress

Moving is stressful. But there are some side affects that I hadn't considered.

About two weeks ago, we were lying on the bed when Partner decided to tickle me. I didn't flinch. Now, normally I'm very ticklish. Concerned, he moved his hands all over my body, tickling - nothing. He picked up my feet and tickled them, in vain. Finally he threw them down in disgust and said, "You're broken!"

Every couple of days he'd pick up my feet and ask, "Are you still broken?" Apparently I was. Until last night, when he ticked my foot and I shrieked and nearly kicked him in the face.

It's amazing what stress does to you.


Summer Rose said...

Hey there, this my first visiting you. VI my husband CH. I wanted to let you he's doing fine plowing snow or I should say playing in it!

As for moving, I know the feeling we moved across town from an apartment to a house. About seven days later our youngest was born go figure. Yes moving is stressful enjoy your new place

hasarder said...

Hey Summer, thanks for stopping by! CH will be back before you know it.