17 April 2006

You say papaya, I say pawpaw...

Another possum post!

These cheeky buggers fight the flying foxes for the pawpaw. They are so friendly. They let me come up close to them. This one came sauntering right up to my chair a couple of weeks ago and sat by my feet.

There's two, a male and a female, that have hung around out the back of our house every night. But unfortunately, this is the last pawpaw off the tree and I haven't seen them so close since it was eaten. Just heard them...

I really wanted to get a photo of one hanging off the tree, but was too slack. So here's the last memory I have of the great possum feast that's lasted the two months we've been here. We're so lucky to have pawpaw trees so close to the porch that we can just reach out and pick them... or could, if the damn creatures hadn't nibbled them all.

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