2 May 2006


Well, I vowed to blog a bit more often, but lately I've been too stressed and too tired to write anything much. So here's a few bits of random bloggy stuff.

* The most common search term leading to this blog is fanny lickers, due to this post. I should have guessed. But I never would have guessed I'd be number one on the google list for that!

* On the same topic, almost all of those people searching for fanny lickers come from England. Now, I know the rare one from Australia is looking for vagina lickers, while the rare ones from the US are looking for arse lickers (sorry guys, I won't write ass - oh damn, I just did). But what are the English ones looking for? Vag or bum? Unfortunately they never seem to get beyond that page - that post's not what they're really looking for I guess! Maybe I'll stick a note on there to ask them.

* Other odd search terms that have popped up are Kaurna traditions, How old is Gloria Steinam, Meeting his Mormon parents side affects of stress and tickling lesbian feet. Hello people!

* I've noticed my IP address keeps changing. I've found out what mine really is, and somehow the connection gets put through others (don't ask how, something to do with the server). It kept telling me I was in Sydney, of all places! I'm not. I think I'd have noticed if I was. But it explains why my safe list on hotmail keeps getting diverted to junk when my posts automatically arrive there. And why several people seemed to be accessing my blogger account.

* I finally worked out how to get what I'd written in the footer bar to appear. I'm so 1337! Scroll down and have a look, it's ever so profound.

* More pictures coming soon, when I can be bothered. Not possums.

* And a real post too.

* I'm going to bed. Bonne nuit!


FTN said...

I don't know why several people are accessing your Blogger account, but your IP address is actually due to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). It is wherever they are located, because you are most likely accessing the Internet through them.

For instance, here in the USA, nearly everyone who accesses my site through AOL will be "routed" through Reston, Virginia.

hasarder said...

The several people are all me! The ISP was changing, it nearly always said Sydney (or just didn't give a place.) I noticed it because it was when I posted - it was like a different person posting each time, but they were all my posts. It was because the ISP name was always the same that we worked it out.
Serves me right for not enabling the thing on stat counter that hides your own stuff.