30 June 2006

Still here

Hello to my handful of regular readers and all those who pop in! I'm still here. Blogging went on the backburner because I was down in Hometown for a few weeks. I'll write a real post when I get my head together.


DZER said...

yay!! thought I might have lost my aussie gecko pal! ;)

Summer Rose said...

that explains why I haven't seen you. I was getting to wonder if you were still around welcome home! {{Hugs}}

Stinkypaw said...

Welcome back! 'hope to read you soon!

hasarder said...

I was thinking about you last night, we watched a show about TV in Quebec. Now I'm really interested in the one about the poor family... you know, with the father who has the idea to sell bottled tap water? The clips they showed were a scream! I can't remember the name... C'est aussi c'est la vie? Something like that.

Stinkypaw said...

The show you're ref. to is "Les Bougons: C'est aussi ├ža la vie" - that show is either loved or hated here. I liked it, they got to be pretty nasty towards the end (the serie is over), but it was a pretty accurate (extremed) version of some people who exploit our system. They (the authors) tacked some pretty heavy subjects, that show seriously disturbed a lot of people.
I can not believe that you'd know about it - small world!