6 June 2006


I've been tagged for the very first time! Thanks, Summer Rose.

5 items in my fridge:

1. Passionfruit butter
2. The remains of a carton of Coopers Pale Ale
3. A block of Parmesan cheese
4. Three types of St. Dalfour jam
5. Something that started life as a chickpea and pear dip, turned into a cheescake filling, and will probably get chucked out soon

5 items in my closet:

1. A hooded black velvet cloak
2. Belly dancing paraphenalia - hip scarves, coin belts, veils etc
3. My dad's old bullet pouch
4. All our medicines/ bandages etc in a bag
5. Whatever clothes aren't strewn across the floor

5 items in my car:

1. Assorted cassettes
2. Street directories for hometown and here, road maps of Australia
3. Feathers
4. Native seeds we've collected
5. Rubbish

So there you go!

Who to tag next? I don't know! You can tag yourselves - or I'll let you know if I think of someone.


DZER said...

oooh ... belly dancer stuff AND feathers? wowzers!!

Summer Rose said...

Thankyou, for answering my tag. Can you tell please me what dalfour jam is? I've never heard of it. A belly dancer, that is so cool.

hasarder said...

S.R. - St Dalfour is a brand name from France. They make the best jam! All different ones. We have the blackbery, the blueberry and the fig jam at the moment. I guess you know what jam is, but if you don't go to go to:


Sorry, can't link.

Belly dancing is so good! Every woman should do it. Maybe I'll write a post on that sometime.