25 July 2006

Unconcious comeback

Partner: "I'm a bit concerned about you blogging so much."

Hasarder: "But I don't blog that much! Don't you like me writing?"

P: "No, I like you writing. I think it's great you have an outlet for your writing. I'm just a bit worried that you spend too much time reading blogs. Every morning when you get up you check the blogs, and again every evening."

H: "But if I wasn't reading blogs I'd just be reading books all the time. What's the difference?"

P: "I just worry that you'll spend so much time on your bloggy mates that you won't go out and make friends here, that you'll just become a computer geek with a virtual life and virtual friends."

H: "That's ridiculous! You're over-reacting!" etc etc. Cue small argument. Cue Hasarder storming out in a huff.

A bit later in the day, it was really warm. I went to change my shirt, grabbing the first one that came to hand. Then I crawled back in to Partner, looked at him with puppydog eyes. He wrapped his arms around me and then looked down at my shirt. He raised his eyebrows.

Only then did I realise which shirt I'd picked.

Across the tits was written www.don't give a fuck.com


Stinkypaw said...

Like the shirt! I'd say a friend is a friend, no matter where or how you met... but that's me!

The only issue I have with being on line often, or for long period of time, is if it's keeping me from doing things, then ok. Otherwise, like you wrote what's the difference between that and a book?

hasarder said...

I totally agree, Stinkypaw. On both points.

This conversation actually happened months ago. See, I'm the kind of person who, when I find a new interest, I saturate myself in it. And after a while, I get over it and find something else. Partner didn't know that and was worried, not about the present, but whether it was going to get worse in the future. I reassured him that I'll probably get sick of blogs and find something else... but it hasn't happened yet! And it doesn't interfere with my life, so that's okay.

I wonder what the next obsession will be?

DZER said...

I need that shirt!

hasarder said...

DZER - Wish I could teel you where it came from, but it was a present so I don't know...