29 August 2006


Someone broke into our house while I lay in bed asleep and Partner was out.

They didn't steal much, just enough to piss us off.

The strange thing was my complete lack of emotion when we figured it out. Just a brief thought of, "good thing I didn't wake up". I'm not sure why I am so numb about it.

About ten years ago, my house was broken into when I was out one afternoon. I lived alone. That night was the only night I ever felt frightened living alone. I even tied bells to all the curtains so I would hear if someone came through the window, and pulled the phone into my room and closed the door. Silly really, since the deed was done and I had nothing left worth stealing. They weren't coming back.

This time... I hope they don't come back. They sure didn't take everything worth taking - maybe they saw me or heard me move and ran for it. Hopefully they haven't kept us in mind for future reference.


Summer Rose said...

{{Hugs}}, you were very blessed, that you didn't get hurt. This is awful...I know the feeling of being alone, I still keep a phone by my bed. Eventhough I live in a quiet neighborhood every one knows one another. Still it's a good idea to keep all doors locked and change all locks. If it's broken get a new door, that way you will sleep better at night.

DZER said...

you might want to look into bear traps that you can place around the windows ...

glad you're safe and that nothing big or important was stolen *hugs*

hasarder said...

Thanks guys!

The stuff that was taken was kind of important to us, and hard to replace. But it could have been much worse, and we're grateful it wasn't.

Don't think we could get bear traps, DZER. No bears here! Except for Drop Bears. But there's some really vicious dog traps on the market. I'd do it, but we'd just kill too many possums that way.

Stinkypaw said...

That's freaky! I wouldn't want to wake up and find somebody in my house! In a way, who cares about the material stuff, you didn't get hurt and that's the main thing! I hope though they didn't take some things with lots of sentimental values, those are a bitch to replace and can never really be replaced. But you're safe, again, the main thing! Take care!