3 August 2006


I'm still fascinated by the stat counter. It ticks over, fairly slowly but regularly. People from all over the world, looking at my little blog.

A bunch turn up saying 'no referring link'. I assume that means people have me in their bookmarks? I know who a couple are, but gradually there's more and more. I'm starting to think I have some regular lurkers.

Like to come out of the woodwork and say hello?


Summer Rose said...

Yay! for me I'm first! Sorry it's been a while, thought I would come by and say hello.
Take Care

Leela Lamore said...

*smile* still pop in and still around reading undercover of darkness....

Hugs to you hon .... Leela

Ramblings of The Fiesties said...

*crawls out of the woodwork*..hey i have just abt started readin yr blog..i really like the way u write..keeps me hooked

hasarder said...

Hmmm, I KNOW I responded to Summer but it just isn't here...lots of my comments on blogs have disappeared lately. What's with that?
Good to see you still around, Leela.
And Hello to Feisty!

Confused Husband said...

I'm here lurking in the shadows of darkness.

FTN said...

I'm here occasionally!

hasarder said...

Hey, CH. Yours is one of the blogs my comments have gone missing from! I'm still lurking there too.

Hi FTN. Any more sociological surveys on the way?

Well, thanks for saying hello everyone! But do you still count as lurkers when you've already commented before? I don't know... lapsed commenters, maybe?

I really wanted to flush out any new ones. And I got one...Fiesty! It's always nice to see a new...face?

I know there's others out there. Come out and say hi! Don't make me name countries...