29 December 2006

quick one

Organising Christmas can be a real head-fuck for a couple. Obligations + desires x 2.

But so far, our holiday has been great. Except for the physical shock of coming to a place with a very unseasonal cold snap going on. We've built a fire almost every night we've been here. Even on sunny days, everyone comments on how hot it is, while I'm thinking it's just normal.

The other day we went for a walk and saw nearly 20 koalas in about half an hour.

The sound of the magpies makes me feel at home.

It's just like the crap you write on a postcard, isn't it?

Having a great time. Wish you were here.

14 December 2006

See ya!

Tired. Irritable. Excited.

All packed and ready to leave our tropical paradise for a holiday back in Hometown.

Posting will be sparodic - but then, what's new?

10 December 2006


After six dry months, the rains have finally started.

It rains hard in the middle of the night, and the days are perfect.

It's mango season; wherever you walk the smell of fermenting mangos rises from the ground. When I'm not walking through mangos, I walk on a carpet of fallen frangipani flowers.

I see more and more geckos in every room.

We knock coconuts down and pick mangos from the trees in our yard, and drink mango and coconut smoothies out on the balcony in the breeze.