1 February 2007


As I mentioned before, the wet season started only about five days before we left to go south.

The wet season! Urgh. It was all mangoes and frangipanis then. Now it's all mould, a house full of it, and coral vine covering the verandah, forcing the windows open and filling up half the bathroom. I think if we'd stayed away another six weeks the house would have disintegrated completely!

It has been raining non-stop for three days and nights now. A few minutes ago Partner asked me when we should start work on that Ark.


ArtfulDodger said...

Yeesh, that doesn't sound good. But of course it is 8 degrees here, farenheit sorry, and colder than a brass witches bum, brrrrr. Hope it stops raining for you soon, but until then watch out for the animals arriving two-by-two!

hasarder said...

8 degrees? I've never quite understood how people could live in those conditions. In my whole life I've never experienced temperatures more than a couple of degrees below freezing, and even that only at night.

We may be flooded in (all roads closed to my town, about 600mms of rain in the past 4 days and no end in sight) but at least it's warm enough to sit here wearing nothing!

Summer Rose said...

While your screaming that there is too much rain, we haven't recieved much of any thing there is hardly any snow in the Lake Tahoe area, the C.D.F. has already put out their signs of high dangers no fires. And it's only Feb!

hasarder said...

SR - while we've had around *mental conversion* 200 inches of rain in the past week and a half, most of Australia is still in the grip of the worst drought in history, and down south the bushfires are still raging. Go figure!