14 March 2007

So slow

We've been shunted onto dial-up.

It takes me ten times longer to load a page than it does to read it. Hence, I'm only reading a couple of blogs a night, and it takes about a week to get through my blog-roll. Commenting just doesn't seem worth the effort; although there's been some interesting posts I'd like to comment on, it may be well after the fact. Oh well. I should stop reading and just get on with writing.

In other news: still looking for a new house. Still plugging away at the new job. Hang on - that amounts to no news, doesn't it?

1 comment:

Summer Rose said...

I know exactly how you feel, on the dial-up. It's a pain the butt, we had that for such a long time until someone invented the all in one cable. And when the cable goes out sometimes the internet goes out.

Glad to hear the job is going good, the house will come along when you least expect it to. Hang there dear, you will be fine.