10 June 2007


A lot of people see it as no big deal that I'm going away.

They can't understand how my every waking moment is fixated on the idea.

I've dreamed of leaving Australia for over 2o years. Now it's happening in a week, how could I possibly not think of it?

I'm paralysed in social situations. I can't focus on the conversation because my mind can't drag itself away from the idea of travelling.

And it is an idea in stasis. It's poised on the brink, waiting. Having filled my head with all the information I can, there is no way for the idea to progress or develop until I've taken the next step and set foot on that plane.

1 comment:

Stinkypaw said...

I just hope for you that your trip meets all your expectations, and then some! It's a great opportunity for you and try to enjoy it to the max!