19 October 2007

At home, we only ever see one at a time.

We built a fire on the dry riverbed, and settled in for a night of drinking and talking.
Towards dawn, we decided to climb a hill to a ruined castle and watch the sunrise from there. I was most excited about the ruined castle. There was already enough light before the sun rose to explore it.
As I scanned the horizon for the emerging sun, I noticed a white streak across the sky left by a passing plane.
Then I saw another. And another. And another. And another.
More than a dozen planes were criss-crossing the sky in the pre-dawn light.
That was the first real indication I had of just how busy Europe is compared to Australia.


fifi said...

i read this ages ago nad meant to coment. better late than never...

yes, i noticed this very thing over in the uk. Its not just that it is busy, they just dont have the room to fly elsewhere.

i found it rather visually polluting actually.

Isn't it great to see places far away, and think bout your own place?

fifi said...

please excuse my typos, I am eating pear bread.

hasarder said...

Hey fifi, thanks for commenting!
It is great to be able to look at your own place from afar. In a strange way you can see it all the more clearly for the distance.