23 February 2008

Good morning

Although eating honey is a very good thing to do, there is a moment just before you begin to eat it which is better than when you are.

I'm a coffee snob. I only drink good quality fair-trade coffee.

I ran out of coffee a few days ago. It's been a difficult few days.

But now the pot is full. The plunger is ready to be pressed. The smell is wafting through the kitchen.

The anticipation is delicious.


hasarder said...

And the first sip is sheer bliss.

Summer Rose said...

Enjoy a cup for me, I'll take a hot chocolate with whip cream; Or a cup of decaffeinated tea. That would make my day.

fifi said...

I'd be in a coma if I didn't have coffee for two days.

I bought a pot of honey from a beekeeper down the coast.
I ate so much (in my fingers, honeycomb and all) that
I was almost sick.

Stinkypaw said...

I very rarely drink coffee, but I just loooove the smell of a fresh brewed pot... and that quote from Winnie is soooo true! ;-)