8 August 2008

Food, glorious food...

I'm taking part in Stinkypaw's food surrender!

I've hunted high and low for some Aussie delicacies to send to her. I posted it today; now I just have to wait for a package of Canadian goodies to turn up at my house.

It was great fun, thinking of what to select and chasing down things from my childhood. I had to do a fair bit of research to find out what was actually Australian. Growing up, I thought Cadbury's was an Aussie brand, because I knew they had a factory in Tasmania. Now I'm older and wiser; and although every brand I grew up with has been bought out by Cadbury or Nestle, many things are still specific to Oz.

I'll post about it again when my parcel arrives.

1 August 2008

What next?

In one month Kava will be illegal in South Australia.

What's happened to the place? It used to be so liberal!