1 August 2008

What next?

In one month Kava will be illegal in South Australia.

What's happened to the place? It used to be so liberal!


Stinkypaw said...

I didn't know what Kava was, so I googled it... interesting herb... Why are they making it illegal? Too many people are using it or what? If it really only relax without disrupting mental clarity there shouldn't be any problems... weird...

Summer Rose said...

Why would any one outlaw an herb without reviewing it's potentual of helping people relax. Or do they figure it could be used as a compound in illegal drugs.
I'll have to look up this herb.

Summer Rose said...

If they would do some research on this plant they would find it is used as a sedative. It's related to the pepper family, I have to agree they got some nerve!

cinnamon girl said...

That's the problem apparently, SR - people aren't spending their money on tranquillisers because they can use kava instead. The drug companies don't want that!

Did you know it's also useful for bipolar?

Stinkypaw, there are some social reasons for it being banned here; but I might save that for an actual post.