29 September 2008

Food Surrender!

So it's about time I updated on the food surrender!
Stinkypaw sent me a lovely box of goodies with a beautiful card. Having no idea what we get in Australia, she managed to do a good job in finding things that were new to me - only one thing that is common over here, and that's the Kitkat. Interestingly enough though, when I ate it I realised the chocolate is different - much darker than our milk and not as sweet.

Most of the other things she sent were very like what we have here. We have Pringles, but not ketchup ones, so that was good. I've always wanted to try Tootsie Rolls having heard about them so much in American literature; they were very nice, and the small hard candies were delicious! We have something nearly the same as Whippets but for the life of me I can't think what we call them. The Mirage is very like our Aero bar, but again, a darker, less sweet chocolate. Hershey bars made an appearance in Australia in the 80's, but are quite hard to find now.

Thankyou so much Stinkypaw, and I hope you enjoyed your package!

1 comment:

Stinkypaw said...

I loved my packages and I've been saving my last 2 Pascall mints - I love those chewing candy!

The hard candies were maple candies. Interesting fact about how the chocolate is darker and not as sweet. I guess each country does something a little different, to make it its own...

Thanks again for playing along! Merci beaucoup!