27 December 2008

Haikus for the end of 2008

They're perfunctory.
Our Christmas celebrations.
No one really cares.

This year is different.
We're determined to party.
We make an effort.

I see my cousins.
They've crossed the country for this.
One crossed the oceans.

We love each other
But haven't caught up for years.
This time is precious.

Drink flows freely here
As do the jokes and stories
In two languages.

We gather to eat.
Our cousin from the homeland
Has never had prawns...

She can't speak English.
But my older relatives
Speak her language well.

We rarely gather
Except when one of us dies.
This time we're happy.

Celebrating us;
Not Christmas. Our own triumph
Surviving this year.

Thank god it's over.
Eight's only lucky for some.
Better luck next year.