31 January 2009

114.26 degree Fahrenheit

Bushfire season has begun. There are fires every day. It's hot. Really hot.

The koalas are suffering as the temperature rises into the mid forties day after day. They climb down from the trees to seek relief on the ground. People put water out for them. It's so hot they climb into the water..

It's so hot the train tracks are buckling. It's so hot that supermarkets have taken the chocolate off the shelves and the meat from the fridge. 33 people have died from the heat in just two days.

It's really hot.


Stinkypaw said...

Damn! That's freaking hot! I feel for the poor koalas, and you guys too, but at least you have other options... poor things.

I can't complain about being hot now, that's for sure, especially not these days.

cinnamon girl said...

Yeah, I've seen the current temperature in Montreal. I cannot even imagine that extreme of cold, and I don't know how you cope with it.
The temperature has begun to drop at night, so at least there is some relief.

Summer Rose said...

I've been keeping a close eye on the fires from down under, glad to know you are doing well considering the temps.