10 February 2009


Two beautiful people I know live in one of the towns ravaged by the bushfires, a town where so far 22 people are confirmed dead. Two beautiful people, whose surnames I don't know and who I cannot contact or trace.

I have no way of tracking them down, no way of finding out if they are ok. I can only wait until the clean-up is finished and the bodies are all identified. Then I can find out if they are amongst the dead.

At this point, there is nothing more I can do. I feel sick in the guts.

9 February 2009


Did I say the bushfire season has begun?

Victoria is burning. Australia is in the middle of the worst natural disaster we have ever had.

More than a hundred people are dead, and the toll is expected to continue rising. Hundreds of people are being treated in hospital. More than seven hundred homes are lost. Whole towns have been wiped out.

The fires are still burning. Some of them were deliberately lit. And as the CFS tries to put them out, arsonists close in behind and re-light them.

I feel sick with the horror of it all.