5 September 2009

Sometimes you never know just what you're anticipating.

I had no idea
While writing that last haiku
that today I would.....

Be offered the chance
To fulfil my most cherished
Childhood dream next year.

It's really real, and
So much sooner than I'd hoped.
It's within my reach....

I'm so excited
And also afraid, of course.
But fear won't stop me.


Stinkypaw said...

Tell me, what have you been offered? A chance to fulfil a dream to be with creatures?

cinnamon girl said...

That's the one.... ;-)

cinnamon girl said...

Just noticed on re-reading that this post is deceptive; I actually wrote 'haiku on the benefit of creating new memories to feel good about in hindsight' the day before.

So by 'that last haiku' I meant the one 'filled with possibilities'. I had no idea how true this statement was, as I never would have dreamed that what happened that day was actually a possibility.

Serendipity at its sweetest.