10 March 2010

The luck dragon just swooped down and bestowed it on me.

People say, you're so lucky! I'd love to do that! That's my childhood dream!

And now, I see how hollow those words are. Because if you really want to do it, if you have a burning ambition, then you probably can do it. In fact, you could probably do anything. But you don't. That's the thing. You don't do it. Instead, you plan other things. And yet you say, I want to do that. So why don't you?

Empty words. They're not helpful. They don't make my job easier. They don't make me feel better. They don't relieve the stress or the fear or the financial burden. They just sound hollow and meaningless.

If you're so jealous, start saving. Raise some funds. Learn something. Get a skill. Make connections. I'm not lucky -I'm dedicated. There's a difference - and when you call me lucky, you negate all the real work I had to do to get here, the work you too could do if you really wanted it so much.

Don't get envious - get active. Start helping. What's stopping you?