1 October 2010

A somewhat nautical analogy

When I talk about feminism with the men in my life....

I feel like myself and all the women I know are trying to stay afloat
in the ocean

and the men are sailing around in boats, saying "I just don't see
water in my life. My feet aren't even wet"

while pissing over the sides

and some of them don't mind us hanging onto the edge

(as long as we don't complain about them pissing over it onto us.
Because our complaining would make them too uncomfortable)

but they won't stop others stomping on our fingers because they just
don't see boats as a problem in their lives

and they say it's not the ocean that separates us. They say it's not
the boats that separate us. They say they'd be quite happy to share,
if our fingers are strong enough to hang on.

But if we're not strong enough, well there's nothing they can do to
help. Because the only reason we're drowning is because we want to see
water. We want to see boats. And if we don't have a boat of our own,
well we should make one out here in the ocean. And since we're
choosing to drown rather than make a boat, obviously that proves we
didn't actually want a boat at all.

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Quercki said...

This analogy looks like it could be generalized to any form of privilege.